Indoor Solutions.

Don’t put your pets in dog crates all day, Shields® Indoor Solutions allow your pets to be independent within secure boundaries. You can let them have the run-of-the-house, without running the house..

Indoor Shields® Plus Solution.

Dog proof your home while keeping him out of a dog crate.

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    Ideal for furniture, rugs and sections of rooms.

    Is your dog getting on the couch? Does your cat jump on your counter? Invisible Fence® Brand can protect your pets from hurting themselves or damaging your home, while still enjoying the independence in your home.

    A small part of a bigger solution.

    Shields Plus creates an adjustable circular Invisible Boundary® (up to 12 feet in diameter) around areas you want to protect your pets from.

    Complete protection for every pet.

    Shields® Plus can be customized to each pet in your home, including cats, and is fully compatible with our patented Boundary Plus® Dog Fence System and exclusive Doorman™ Electronic Dog Door.

    Advanced technology

    Shields® Plus can be installed just about anywhere. They can be plugged in or run on battery power. A discreet cable can be connected to Shields® Plus, creating the ability to design a custom shaped boundary.

Micro Shields® Indoor Solution

All the protection and convenience of Shields® Plus, just smaller.

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    Ideal for trash cans, house plants and new shoes.

    Is your dog getting in the trash? Do you have a cat eating a plant? Micro Shields® are perfect solutions for protecting your pets from small areas.

    Indoor pet solution for tight spaces.
    Micro Shields® creates an adjustable Invisible Boundary® (up to 3 feet in diameter) around smaller items and areas you want to protect your pets from.

    Portable protection for your jumping dog.

    Small enough to move throughout the house, Micro Shields® is a great way to teach enthusiastic dogs not to jump up on your family or guests when entering your home. Measuring just 3 inches, you can keep Micro Shields® on you or place it in a number of discreet areas.

    Everything works together.

    As part of the Invisible Fence® Brand product line up, all Shields® products work together, as well as with our other in-ground dog fence, wireless dog fence and automatic pet door solutions.

  • How they work.

    How they work.

    All Shields solutions can be plugged into an outlet or run on battery power. Additionally, they can be installed just about anywhere. Simply set them near the area you want to protect. They are also light enough to be held up with wall-safe picture hanging adhesive strips, or they can be screwed into place
    The Shields line of indoor pet protection items create dome-shaped, circular Invisible Boundaries that emit outwards in all directions with the device at the center of the signal. These boundaries are radio signals and can be adjusted in size.
    With Shields Plus and you can run insulated cable from the device, creating custom-shaped boundaries
    For all Shields solutions, the special Computer Collar® Device that your dog or cat wears recognizes the Invisible Boundary signal and delivers a mild static shock to your pet, deterring them from proceeding further.
    Our expert, certified trainers will train your pets on how to use the system. You pets will always be in control and will know exactly how to turn on and turn off the system and how best to avoid receiving a correction. There are customizable correction levels for each pet and our certified trainers will ensure that only the minimal amount of correction needed is used. Static shock is about distraction and redirection, not punishment. The training will teach them what to do if they receive a correction. Training is included with all Shields solutions.
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